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Service Offerings


QIP Consulting offers health and community organistaions a range of industry-specific support services to help executives and managers acheive accreditation, quality assurance, and quality and safety improvements. These include:

Management Service Offerings

Quality Assurance and Compliance

Identifies gaps in an organisation’s systems through an intensive assessment of its needs, followed by provision of an action plan to determine the potential time and work required to achieve accreditation

Service Development

Strategic planning and implementation of new services, clinics and organisations

Policy and Procedures Development and Review

Creation or redevelopment of policies and procedures in line with relevant legislation, daily processes, and appropriate standards, while ensuring best practice requirements are applied across the organisation

Document Development and Review

Development of new documents, review of current documents and document updates to reflect new standards, legislation and/or policy updates

Quality Management System (QMS) Review

Review of an organisation’s current registers to ensure they are correct and all-encompassing, while providing assistance with the selection of a new/appropriate Quality Management System

Protocols Development

Development and implementation of management protocols, systems, policies and staff training to support business objectives such as leading practice, accreditation, compliance or funding eligibility

Standards Development

Development of clinical guideline documents in easy-to-access electronic formats

Supervision Session – Clinical and Non-Clinical

Supervision of clinical and non-clinical roles by an experienced and qualified consultant; outputs will identify role responsibilities aligning to quality and safety strategies, support needs for new staff and/or re-training for staff to support organisation goals

Root cause analysis and independent audits

In-depth review and investigation of organisational issues or problems (acute and/or chronic) to identify root causes and the subsequent implementation of effective management strategies


Executive Service Offerings

Service Model Evaluation

External evaluation of an organisation’s current operating and business practices, followed by provision of suggestions for optimisation

Business Continuity Planning

Identification of processes or systems to support prevention and management of risk, while providing recovery planning in the case of a potential or actual risk, threat or crisis

Executive Mentoring

Personalised review and advice to identify more efficient and effective organisational practices while assisting staff to understand their roles and responsibilities


Assistance with mergers, acquisitions and purchasing or selling a health facility or community organisation



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